Best Windows Phone apps for 2015

Windows Phone 8

We round up the best and most popular Windows Phone apps to help you decide what’s hot and what’s not for 2015

While not quite matching either Android or iPhone when it comes to dominating the mobile market, Windows Phone has a small but loyal following and is certainly popular within the business community.

Lately, Microsoft has made the OS much more business-focused than its rivals, helping it wrestle market share away from one-time rival BlackBerry. It has also been designed to work with Windows-based IT infrastructure.

1. Microsoft Remote Desktop


App Category: Business

Description: View and manage files on your work or home PC from your phone or tablet.

Details: When you’re away from your desk, it’s often useful to be able to refer back to your desktop PC, find files or simply access documents stored back at the office. Microsoft Remote Desktop Preview allows you to do this from your Windows device, streaming video and audio, reading and editing documents and taking advantage of the app’s multi-touch experience.

The business case: This app is designed for people who need to be able to work from anywhere, so it’s perfect for professionals who need to access their PC from home or during their commute.

2. Mail


App Category: Business

Description: A simple, functional way to access your email account from your Windows Phone.

Details: No matter how many ways there are for us to interact with each other, email has remained the primary method of communication in professional environments. The Mail app for Windows devices is a no frills, functional way of accessing your account, create and edit messages, organise your inbox and more, with an interface that takes away all the unnecessary complications.

3. OneDrive


App Category: Tools & Productivity

Description: The most popular cloud storage app for the Windows Phone.

Details: Microsoft’s own app for storing files, OneDrive (previously SkyDrive) lets you keep your photos, videos, documents and more in a single location that’s accessible across all of your devices. Once you start using the app, everything stored within OneDrive can be accessed from your PC, Windows phone or tablet, and you can also share things more easily between colleagues.

The business case: OneDrive is the best way to make sure you can access all of your files on the go, securely storing documents, photos, videos and more.

4. Translator


App Category: Tools & Productivity

Description: A simple, yet effective, translation app that’s perfect for business users.

Details: Anyone working for global companies will find themselves in need of a good translation app, and this is one of the best. With 85 languages available, this easy-to-use app is incredibly simple and versatile, making it one of the best apps for anyone who ever finds themselves struggling with that pesky language barrier.

The business case: Remote workers and businesses operating internationally can often be hampered by language barriers, but this app allows them to quickly translate words and phrases straight from their phone.

5. Adobe Reader


App Category: Tools & Productivity

Description: The most popular app for viewing, editing, converting and sharing PDFs.

Details: PDF files are widely used in business, so it’s incredibly useful to be able to view and interact with them across more than one platform. Adobe Reader is hugely popular, and allows you to view PDFs straight from emails and more. The app also allows you to view password-protected documents for extra security, convert to DOC, RTF and easily share files and documents between team members.

The business case: With a format so popular and widely used as PDF, an app that allows you to read, edit and share documents is an essential tool for professionals.

6. Airwatch MDM Agent


App Category: Business

Description: An app for managing and supporting all devices across a company.

Details: A management tool for all of your devices, this app can be used with the AirWatch console to monitor and manage all devices used within a company. For businesses that rely on communication and collaboration between teams and employees, having one app keeping track of everything can be very useful, and it couldn’t be easier to set up and use.

The business case: Particularly timely with the rise of BYOD in business, it’s already true that pretty much everyone works with a mobile device. This app helps to manage this, improving security and more.

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