7 Ways the iPhone 6 Beats the iPhone 5

After spending more than two months with the iPhone 6 and more than two years with the iPhone 5, it’s time we took a look at some ways Apple’s new iPhone beats its aging flagship. The goal here is to get those of you thinking about an upgrade, or thinking about buying one of the two, headed in the right direction with your purchase.

In 2012 I, like many of you, found myself looking for a new smartphone to replace my iPhone 3GS. There were a ton of options available to me but I decided to stay within the Apple ecosystem. Apple’s flagship that year was the iPhone 5 and like millions of others, I waited up to buy Apple’s new piece of hardware, a piece of hardware that helped usher in the iOS 6 era.

For more than two years, the iPhone 5 spent countless hours at my side. I used it for work, I used it to film important events, I used it to watch movies, and play games. I probably used my iPhone 5 more than I should of. And while that’s bad for me, it’s good for you. I want my experience with the iPhone 5, and now my experience with the iPhone 6, help you to come to a well informed decision about your next smartphone purchase.

iPhone 6

After two years with the iPhone 5, I decided to replace it. It was tempting to stick with it for another year given the upgrade to iOS 8 but the iPhone 6 was simply too tempting. Once again, I found myself waiting up until midnight to order the iPhone 6 and once again, I signed up for another experience with Apple’s iconic smartphone.

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