Training for a healthy Future

Personal Training

Personal Training – A program designed just for you. One-on-one sessions with the focus just on you and what your needs and goals are.

The process:

1) There is a first meeting, it is conversational and involves a lot of questions on my part. It is here that we get a sense of each other, we discuss goals and feelings and do nuts and bolts like health history forms etc. It generally takes 1-2 hours.

2) Then, I go away for a week and come up with ‘the plan’. It is based on your words and what I’ve ascertained from the questions you have answered. It is created by you (through our interview) and for you. It generally takes 4-6 hours to create the plan. The Plan is extensive and holistic in nature. I address all aspects of a person (this is what makes me a little different from other trainers) mind. body. and spirit.

3) Then, we meet again to go over the plan. At that point, you decide if you’re in and like what we have created. We then figure out the wheres and whens of working together based on my schedule and yours.

4) Most of our work together is done outside if possible, because fresh air is just good for the soul. If you prefer to workout inside, we can do our sessions at Tula Yoga and Wellness for a small upcharge.

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