Apple iOS 8.2: Should You Upgrade?

This week Apple launched iOS 8.2 and it is the biggest iOS 8 upgrade yet. It also has a couple of troubling issues, so the question remains: should you upgrade?Let’s break it down.

The Deal Breakers

Before we get into the nitty gritty of what iOS 8.2 brings to the table, it is important to point out two aspects which could be immediate deal breakers for some:

1. WiFried Lives On

Sadly the most high profile bug in iOS 8 has not been fixed in iOS 8.2. By far the biggest ios thread on Apple Support Communities, the so-called ‘WiFried’ issue causes phones to drop wireless connections and/or refuse to connect to wireless networks at all. It also results in massive battery drain, killing some devices in just 4-6 hours.

For WiFried sufferers the misery goes on. As such there is little downside or benefit to affected users installing iOS 8.2, but for those still holding off on iOS 8 altogether the fear of the lack of a fix will likely be enough to make them hold off yet again.

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