What’s a typical American teen’s life like?

I have seen so many teen movies and read books which are mostly based in the U.S.Mostly it is shown that there are “cliques” in school like the nerds,the divas,the jocks etc.
I really want to know whether such things are really there or whether they are just exaggerated versions of the actual teen and schooling way.

two types of life:

1-The American media greatly exaggerates high schoolers’ lives simply because it’s entertaining. We (I myself am I high schooler) are often depicted in three ways: poor familial relationships, clique-y and over emotional. Interestingly enough these attributes are far from the truth.

As with any Western society relationships between teens and their family is strained, but by most American standards many kids are envious of kids with healthy, stable lives. As 50% of American marriages end in divorce, divorce kids are often brought up with a sense of defeatism and jealousy. (yet there are some good benefits) Nevertheless, it’s in American teens’ best interest to keep on good terms with their families as we are often greedy and conniving. Often to the point where we will sacrifice standing up for ourselves just to please our gift givers or, ‘parents.’

Cliques do exist but they nothing like on t.v.
There are three main groups, each with a diverse subset:
Attractive Teens
Japanese Obsessed Kids

I’m not joking.

Often times we are also depicted overreacting to situations such as people back stabbing just to get revenge on someone who stole their boyfriend, or crying/wailing because they didn’t get into the college they wanted to get into. The sad truth is that not enough teens care to be emotional. The great deal of us are apathetic in the extreme.

But also we’re pretty badass.

2- American teen lifestyle in movies and shows is absolutely made up.  The majority of high school students don’t really fit a clique.  If anything, most try not to.

There seems to be two portrayals of teenagers on TV and in movies.  One is “everyone has deep emotional issues to work through”.  Absolutely every character in these shows has no sense of humor, is a bully, is being bullied, is pregnant at 15, takes their schooling/extracurricular activities way too seriously, etc.

The other extreme is where everyone is a prankster.  Someone fills the principal’s car with fire retardant or whatever, or maybe there’s a fake prom for the nerds.

Prom is another thing.  In movies, prom is the most important milestone ever.  In reality, prom is just a lame, school-santioned party where you’re not allowed to drink.  Most of the people I knew ditched prom to go to a house party and get high.
WHAT is your oppinion ?? Leave a comment below please :

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