Albanians and “The ugly Truth “

download (9)Albania is considered for a long time even today as a country we transicon.If you go to Albania and to make a survey for people dissent against government or for unemployment and difficult way of life, which the local media is often done we will ever achieve in the same results.

The answer is very simple 80 per cent of people are dissatisfied with the governance of the country, almost 90 percent of the country living in difficult conditions although perhaps 2/3 of the population have incomes above the average. 1/3 of the population is unemployed.

Albania is very widespread forms of self-employment or employment “in the black” as the locals call it. It would be good for the government to take measures for providing workers illegally in this way there will be no disparities between those who are employed in the state and those who did not had the opportunity and turned pm.In a near future after leaving work both sides will have a monthly low pension to have minimal living conditions, but this is not the main problem!

The thing that impressed more in this country is the fact that the cafes and bars are filled.Albanians complain about low incomes, but they always find any money to drink coffee in the morning and in the evening.Many of you will think that the money spent to drink both coffee a day will not make the difference between their way of life.This is not all many of those that do not have the necessary conditions to live and half of them do not even have homes but live roads are always drunk and normally known to be drunk alcohol bought before then still more money to Spent whereas alcohol costing many times more than a coffee.These people must begin to appreciate life and not to spend it sitting on cafes or drinking all day.

The eagles should be sensitized and assume their responsibilities.

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