Here are the states at risk from ISISattacks (MAP)

ISIS_harta_shtete_pushtimThe terrorist organization has provided ISIS attacks in several countries and territories.

ISIS currently controls the territory in Syria, Iraq and Libya, countries in which they live about 8 million people.

ISIS soldiers have established partnerships with similar groups in the Middle East and North Africa.

Institute for War Studies predicted that ISIS has plans for attacks, and they started from Tunisia.

While assessing the threat from terrorism is “high” (4) in more than 30 countries worldwide.

This assessment comes from the Foreign Office, which tourist countries, such as Spain and France, has ranked high risk as well as Libya, Pakistan and Somalia.

The ministry, in order to have easier users to find their place and see how are threatened by these attacks, has published an interactive map listed the countries potentially target of terrorist attacks categorized into four rankings: ” high “(4),” General “(3),” Basic “(2) and” low “(1), reports” The Telegraph “.

As a country with a “general threat” (3) for possible terrorist attacks, Britain’s Foreign Ministry has described the Kosovo, but Italy, Germany, Greece, Bosnia and several other countries.

With a lower level, “core” of risk are assessed Albania, Macedonia, Montenegro, Croatia, Austria, Bulgaria, and others.

Places where the terrorist threat is “low” (1) include Iceland, Bolivia, Ecuador, Poland, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Hungary, Vietnam and Japan.

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