China vs Russia the alternative future war?

Vladimir Putin’s most recent move in Eastern Ukraine has sound the alarms in Rumania and other eastern European countries, that don’t like what they observe from Russia.  But Russia’s creation of the Euro Asian Union, might not welcome good news for China, as expanding eastward of Turkey into the orient could eventually collide with China’s strategical and territorial interest. Most military analyst fear a war between the US and Russia or the US with China, but China is way too dependent on the US dollar to not remain financially stable.     

 China and Russia are ‘quote’ regional allies that once upon a time shared the same communist bounds. But studying the history of the region, a few question come into mind. Few analyst forget that China and Russia engaged in 1969 on the Sino-soviet conflict because of border tensions. In fact, they also disputed the Zhembao Islands and the Kuril Islands, just as China today demands the Sensaku Islands from Japan.  

The Uygur feel more identified with Siberia, than China. Pakistan is the ally of Russia,  but Pakistan does not really get along with China. India is friends with China because of trade, but since it’s also a US ally, the country does not really get along with Russia. Pakistan and India have regional tensions, but could get many other countries involved into a bigger conflict.

Here we observe possible conflicts from China and Russia if they ever decided to regain more territory violating western treaties, especially if China ever expands west. Here is the question.

1) China and Russia, do they ‘really’ get ‘along’? Do they fear each other?

2) If you look at both countries and their military power, would it be reasonable to assume that if one or both decided to expand (like in the case of Russia) could they potentially collide in a war considering certain regions border each other’s country?

3) Is there a higher and less observed risk in predicting a future war between China and Russia, than the US?

’4) What could potentially trigger a war between China and Russia, considering they have a lot of interests in South Asia, Central Asia, South East Asia, and the Middle East?


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