Greece does “almost” new currency. Drachma strong, equal to euro

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If Sunday’s referendum wins dominates votes “NO”, then Yannis Varoufakis can present his secret plan for a return to the drachma, but converting one by one.

“Corriere della Sera” writes on Thursday that the number of Greek Minister of Finance and tempts more the idea of ​​a parallel currency to the euro. Not all were psychologically prepared for this situation, the Italian daily cites allegations of someone who lived closely the developments within the Greek government during these last 5 months.

But Tsipras, continues the same source, and realized that this is the end and wants to lose the battle as a hero, perhaps overcome by the will of the Greek people, but not by Germany.

If YES in the referendum shall triumph, which seems more likely given the panic that has engulfed the country slowly, Alexis Tsipras will leave the executive reins of a new government, which could be either the national unity government, or an organization led by former governor of the Bank of Greece, George Provoupoulos.

While the third option is that of a government composed of moderate elements Syrizës, PASOK and Potam pro-Europeans headed Dragasakis Yannis, who currently serves as deputy prime minister.

But if NO wins Sunday States, Varoufakis Tsipras spoke immediately with his project is in deep contradiction with the promise of both the position of Greece in the euro area.

The idea is that of a “monetary instrument” parallel, convertible only in theory equally with the euro, but that is considered necessary for the recapitalization of banks, which would allow their opening in Athens before a further wave of protests erupt .

Varoufakis, according to “Corriere della Sera”, is being studied for this purpose and how Bitcoin works, coins online. A day earlier, the Eurogroup finance ministers agreed not to have further discussions on the loan for Greece ahead of the referendum.

Noting that Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras had suggested changes in the conditions of a previous plan which expired on Tuesday, group chairman Jeroen Dijsselblooem said that at present, members simply took note of the proposals and that in the coming days there will be talks Further neither the level nor the Eurogroup between the Greek authorities and institutions about financial arrangements.

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