Digitized book, seems to have changed the trend of reading, but reading electronization to blame for the decline in the number of readers ?!

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Digitized book, seems to have changed the trend of reading, but reading electronization to blame for the decline in the number of readers ?!
A virtual world is replacing the classic book? Such a thing is not known with precision, that after many generations books will be replaced by electronic versions of them, but one thing is however true that the presence of e-books are increasingly blurs the image of classic books. On the other hand a part of society, especially the young people are of the opinion that it is no longer ‘fashionable’, reading the book written or classic, that such a thing has been replaced by other forms that offers the technology. In this way people are informed from the Internet or lastly another virtual form as digitized libraries or online. But a case to put all the responsibility of the fall in the number of readers, exactly, electronization of reading? Many think that there is the cult of reading books written and that this desire to be near him now replaced with another form, electronic. However Dafina Tigani the library, “Dukagjini”, located in the capital does not think that the digitization of books has damaged the classic book, on the contrary, it means that the Internet and technology in general have increased information and positive affect in terms reading . “I do not think that technology is replacing classic book.
But I can say that it has increased the information about the literary field, because people already informed via the internet for all the latest headlines, not only in Kosovo, but also those world “, – she underlined. While they are students who prefer to take something from the internet due to the lack of literature, but also often due to the high price of books. “Maybe these two reasons why a part of the youth, particularly students prefer the information from the Internet because many times literature is deficient in certain subjects or are the price to be too high that book. It is perhaps that they have alternatives to choose in such cases. But do not think that classic book can be replaced, at least those who are regular readers and people who love reading prefer not to do it digitally and continue to remain faithful to the classic book “, – added Ms. Tigani. Although technology is often discussed as strong competition and reading classic literature on paper, it seems to play a secondary role when it comes to a more thorough reading of a given work. Albana Haxhiu an avid reader rejects the idea of ​​replacing the classic reading. “The book can not be deputies, regardless of the technology has been a way of blurring the interest of citizens, but classic is indispensable reading for many reasons”, – she said. Although libraries say they have not encountered such obstacles, however digitized literature seems to have replaced in one way or another classic book reading, and this especially to young people.

The book and the Internet: meet or exclude each other?

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