The book and the Internet: meet or exclude each other?

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The development of technology has affected almost every individual life, thus becoming part of it, helping and serving him in many ways. The Internet, this tool become a necessity, seen by people as a source of information, as a means of communication, reducing the time and space, sometimes even seen as a means of salvation, when the time does not promise much.

Many people are fascinated so much after this tool, how often it depends on him alone. So, in our daily lives, we often hear to say: I did not know because I have no access to the Internet, yet I am not dealing with that task that I have not found information on the Internet, I have to go online to see if that book It is on-line, etc.

This puts somewhat into question the importance of the book in print form. Does it matter that in fact it had before the Internet became part of the life of everyone of us?

In fact, not. And why not have the human conditions are met with new forms and methods of technology. The question that is added in this case would increase a right is underestimated so many friends with the invention of the Internet. Should the book?

Of course the Internet is an important tool, not only for entertainment but also for information, saving time and space, even by coming to the service person’s individual economy, becoming the friend and ‘servant’ of man , and many questions that he raised during the day, only to throw his eyes; at work, at school, in different activities, etc.

On this issue, different people think differently, certainly given the tastes and individual preferences.

“In my opinion, the Internet has eclipsed the importance and attendance book. As we today find the library on-line, which is easily found without cost, of course that affects the life of the book, said Kujtim Topuzi.’Thashë above, -Continue it – that the Internet eclipses book but do not kill him, because uniqueness and advantages of reading the book, make it be still an important part of human life.

Regarding this issue is, Isidor Koti, lecturer and journalist, said: “The Internet is an important development for information technology and speed of news, but it can not replace the role and privacy of the book.

While everyone is thinking that the role of the book is to defeat, time has shown that his property can not be replaced by the range of information and communication on the Internet. The book is a living world, while the Internet is a virtual world. People need sensations and experiences, which only forgive their book, while the Internet is a “manipulator” necessary to time, but not for the soul “, – he concludes.

Thus, such as stated above, the impression that the Internet, unlike fear that is continuously displayed on the matter, does not exclude at all the book, as well as the previous speaker said, emotions that the book offers, not t ‘ It offers Internet means. Of course, the Internet has the advantages mentioned above, such as the reduction of time and space, and definitely the economy, but it does not replace the book, which certainly will remain a man’s best friend.

Fear of appearing on this issue, raised more books by men, and fair, is more due to the mass spread so wide web, and the fear that this computerized tool will occupy all the spaces so human, and the book will be covered by the dust of oblivion in personal shelves, or in libraries and bookstores.

Nergjoni white, journalist, on this issue says: “Technology in general has contributed to an unwillingness to read the book, after giving the opportunity to find almost everything you need. So is wind technology that inefficient reading the book, the intensity of life and quick things, too “, – she closed her speech.

So, what emerges in discussions on this issue, is the fact that regardless of the reason, which in one case or another Internet chosen instead of the book, is the choice, regardless of the reasons.

The studies that have been conducted on this issue, it appears that for the moment, and it is not known how long it will be like, the internet and the book, these two different forms of transmitting information, are more helpful and complementary -tjetrës, so they simply add to the knowledge of their users, and yet it is a conflict that can be created by users and readers, who are divided into two categories; Internet users and readers of books. Each of us, to meet his needs, prefers to alter both, to be so much more informed about an issue or another.

There are several reasons, however, which suggest that the classic book of paper, will not ever be replaced by books on-line. Always, a gift book creates a very nice feeling, browsing a book, too, leaving a note in it, reading and re-reading his occasionally, etc., are some of the things you can not make out in a book on-line. These are exactly the sensation that one likes, and will surely take care of them had in his life!

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