Could China beat the USA in a war?

This is why

   Chinese are extremely patriotic. They have been empire in the past and a well founded civilization for more than 5000 years. Their people will fight to death to defend Mother China, their determination and resilience is cultural and not motivated by any salary or payment, opposite to the values in the USA. In the vent of a World war the US army will suffer a mayor decrease on human power. A considerable percentage of their soldiers are illegal immigrants who have join the army to obtain their legal documents, more than 90% of these soldiers would run away… Their only interests is to have better opportunities in life, one thing is to take the risk going to Afghanistan, another one is to go to War against China. And…Lets face it… North Corea, Iran and most importantly, Russia would join China… The USA has no chance… One Russian Soldier has the mindset and the military training to take on 5 or more US troops… American marines are kids pretending to be GI-Joe… By the time they realize war is real, it would be already too late…

However, US is capable of blowing up the world if it wants to.

 The United States of America has 20 times more nuclear power than China and has plenty of very powerful nuclear missiles that China does not have. Only the USA has the nuclear missile silo which is 14,000 times more powerful than the atomic bombs that were dropped in Japan. Meaning that one of USA’s nuclear missile silos can wipe out and destroy 4 times more than half the Chinese population. The United States has at least 500 nuclear missile silos and no countries in the world ever have those missiles. No other nuclear weapons are as strong or more powerful than the missile silo. Four nuclear missile silos are just enough to blow up the whole world. Be aware that the United States is a lot more stronger than China.

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